Cat Behavior: Treat Your Pet In a Proper Way


Cat BehaviorMany people have owned cats as their favorite pet. Having a cat at home may make you feel comfortable as it offers you companionship and joy. Thus, you should take care of your cat in order to make her get the best from you. In turn, she will be with you anywhere you go. This will prevent any chances of going astray or even having a resilient behavior. Cat always want to be treated closely like human beings too. Since they are easy to develop relationships with, it is easy for you to put collar on them and also interact with them.

Choosing a Cat Collar

Putting a collar on your cat’s neck might be challenging especially if she has never worn one. However, since your cat’s collar is her ID, it is important that you consider putting it on her to ensure that she is safe anywhere. Even if she is not used, you should be patient and let her adjust to it as soon as she can. Do not be tempted to remove it from her if she looks uncomfortable.

As you train your cat to live with her collar, always check her regularly to avoid tightness of the collar. This may cause constant pain and wear or the neck fur and skin. Also, you should consider changing the collar as she grows. Ensure that the collar has a “breakway” safety point to ensure that she can save herself if stuck at any place. You can also consider collars fitted with microchips to ensure easy tracking of your cat in case she gets lost.

Cats and Kids

Cat BehaviorPets, such as a cat, provide more companionship at home. You may opt to find a young cat in order to let it grow together with your kids. However, the American Humane Association instructs that, an adult cat, preferably 3-5 years old, is better for your children. This will prevent them from treating her roughly. Therefore, you should go for an adult cat. You can have your children accompany you to the Animal Center to make the selection easy.

If you are pregnant and you have a cat, it is advisable that you limit the cat’s contamination with your food, rodents, improve hygiene, or other sources of diseases. This will keep you safe from diseases such as toxoplasmosis which may affect even your unborn child.

Cats and Seniors

Old age comes with many sacrifices and life changes. Thus, choosing a pet for a companion becomes a wise choice. Since a cat prefers to spend more time indoors, it is a better pet than a dog. This will provide a senior with companionship, reduced stress, and joy. At the same time, caring for the cat by feeding, playing with, and washing her is necessary to keep a senior involved and prevent idleness. This makes a cat to become a perfect pet at old age.

Interactive Food Toys

A cat needs 20-30 minutes of play time each day. Using interactive food toys is an effective way of ensuring that you cat can play and feed as well. Through trying to reach the food placed in a food toy, a cat plays, thinks, and make different moves in order to reach the food.

Introducing Cats to Cats

Cat BehaviorIf you need a different cat, you may consider going to Animal Center to purchase it. Thereby, you will have a chance to choose between a kitten and an adult cat. Bring her blanket to cloth at home and introduce her scent to the other cat at home. On bringing the next cat seek home, seek to integrate them gradually. You can have the new cat reside in a separate room first. Try feeding them with dishes placed in opposite location. Make them establish eye contact. Exchange their scent. Finally, have them interacting together. However, be sure to check their behavior.

Litter Box Use and Scratching

Dealing with your cat feces and urine may prove difficult to you. However, you should be keen to notice the cat’s favorite territories. On finding an appropriate place, you should place a box, large or small depending on your cat’s preference. Soon’ she will be comfortably using it.


Learning how to change your cat’s behavior is easy if you consider interacting with her and following her interest. This will make her the best companion for you.