Tips to Start Stargazing at Home


Tips to Start Stargazing at HomeStargazing at home may be done for various reasons. You may do it for fun as you intend to observe the stars and other heavenly bodies. At the same time, you may do it as part of your research or project in your studies. Stargazing at home may require you to have ordinary binoculars or a simple portable telescope or if you are trying to catch a comet your will need a more powerful telescope. You can read more about the different types of telescopes at However, this process may need you to learn some few tips with which it will be successful and easier for you. The following are some tips for you to follow as you look forward to start stargazing at home;

1) Watch the Weather Reports from Meteorologists

This will inform you about the weather conditions during the day that you intend to start stargazing. During cloudy or humid days, it may be difficult and certainly impossible to stargaze. At the same time, since you do not have powerful telescopes, you might not be able to view anything. Thus, rainy and humid seasons may not be perfect for you to start stargazing. You need to start stargazing during the summer and sunny weather. At these times, the sky is always clear.

2) Start with Easy-to-use Materials

Ordinary binoculars may be a better choice for you to start with. They require minimum knowledge as compared to the telescopes and modern binoculars.

3) Observe the Size and Position of the Moon

At times, the moon and the Milky Way galaxy may prevent you from viewing the deep sky. For a beginner, with binoculars, twilight moon phase may be perfect. The glare of the moon will not prevent you from stargazing into the deep sky. However, even during moonlight, you can easily see planets and large meteors.

4) Select Your Location

Tips to Start Stargazing at HomeIn the initial days, you may consider stargazing from any point. Eventually, on finding the most suitable location for you, you may select it for your regular stargazing. Desert and open areas, on the hills, or on the top of a high building may present you with a clear view of the sky.

5) Check Your Clothing

The process might require you to be extra vigilant and patient. Also, you need to stargaze at night in absence of sunlight. Thus, you should be warmly clothed to avoid harsh weather such as coldness and harsh seasons such as winter.

6) Be on a Comfort Zone

Straining at a non-comfortable place may result to poor viewing and even limited time for the process. Therefore, you need to set your body on a comfort zone where you can remain for several hours without easily getting tired and weary. You can choose a folding chair, grassed area, or a couch. Consider sitting down or lying on your back to increase view.

7) Carry Recording Materials

Tips to Start Stargazing at HomeYou need to record whatever you watch and learn from the solar system. In turn, you will be able to make considerable steps in your research or whatever you intend to learn.

8) Give Your Eyes Time to Adjust

Stargazing constantly may make your eyes get tired and weak. Thus, you need considerable break time to link the intervals of stargazing. During the break time, you can be recording your findings.

9) Regularly Adjust Your Binoculars

You may change the settings of the binoculars in order to improve your view. The settings used to observe Milky Way may be insufficient for viewing deep sky meteors and stars.


You do not necessarily need to go to centers with telescopes or modern binoculars for you to stargaze. You can simply do it at your home and only go to the centers to clarify and confirm your findings and views. This will make it more effective for you in your studies or any other purpose.

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How to Decorate Inflatable Hot Tub at Backyard?


How to Decorate Inflatable Hot Tub at BackyardA decorated inflatable hot tub provides the best outlook of your backyard. It makes your home to look classy and also attractive. Also, a decorated hot tub increases your desire to soak yourself in the water and spend a part of your day in it.

There are several ways through which you can decorate your inflatable hot tub at backyard. These ways will change the look of the hot tub and the backyard at large. The following are some of the ways to decorate your inflatable hot tub;

a) Place the Inflatable Hot Tub Properly

Do not leave the top edges of your inflatable hot tub exposed. You can use wood enclosure to cover the edges. Also, you can cover the entire hot tub sides with woods. This will help keep the inflatable hot tub warm from the interior. In turn, you can be able to have the water remaining warm in the hot tub for a longer time. Eventually, the tub will look beautiful and attractive at your backyard.

b) Make the Location of Your Inflatable Hot Tub a Focal Point

You can make several paths heading to where you have placed your hot tub. In that light, you can have slabs, tiles, or rocks arrangement on the path heading to the tub. Link these paths with the floor and sides of the tub. This will make the hot tub an exceptional feature of your compound.

c) Install a Shade and Lighting Over the Hot Tub

How to Decorate Inflatable Hot Tub at BackyardA shade decorates a hot tub. It makes it to look protected and also treasured. You can also install a bulb on the sides on the hot tub shade. Light will make the hot tub look beautiful especially at night. It will also increase the warm feeling if you like soaking yourself at night in you hot tub. At times, harsh weathers such as rains or extreme sunlight may prevent you from using your hot tub. Therefore, apart decorating your hot tub, a shade is also important in preventing these hindrances.

d) Create a Garden around the Hot tub

Your hot tub garden may include fruit-trees such as oranges, plums, or passion fruits. The plants will make your hot tub location look more lively and beautiful. At the same time, you can enjoy eating the fruits from these trees as you soak yourself in water. However, the plants should be planted in a distance from the tub to prevent small animals and microorganisms from contaminating your water.

e) You can use a Carpet or Matt

You can decorate your hot tub using a carpet or a matt. The carpet or matt should be placed around the hot tub. You can find a professional to do this for you. You can also install the carpet by yourself. A carpet is simple to use as it can be replaced or cleaned regularly. Thus, it can be used to ensure decoration all round your hot tub for a long time.


Decorating your inflatable hot tub is essential for you as it will decorate your compound as well. You can consider using simple means like grass cover, slabs, wood, and even rocks in this process. This will also increase your personal satisfaction while using the hot tub.

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How to Change Shower Head Yourself?


How to Change Shower Head YourselfShower heads are always susceptible to breakages, leakages, and even blockages. This prevents you from using your bathroom. Therefore, it is essential to remain ready and skillful in changing your shower head.

Changing a showerhead might seem a challenging task. However, it is a simple and a DIY task that should not take much your time. First you are going to need to pick a good showerhead that is a good fit for your shower needs. After that, all you need is the required tools and equipment for you to go through the process.The following include some few steps for you to follow as you change your shower head;

Prepare Your Work Space

1) Ensure that the Water Supply is off

You may prefer to turn off the water from the main water connection. Also, check the shutoff valves in the bathroom and make sure they are turned off. You can check the shutoff valve in different places in the bathroom. If it is fitted inside the wall, ensure that you turn off the main connection system or the shower knob.

2) Lay a Matt or a Blanket

The matt or blanket will prevent damaging floors of the bathroom using dropping tools and materials. Also, it will also prevent tools and other materials such as; bolts, nuts, and bits from falling into the shower water drain.

Replace Your Shower Head

How to Change Shower Head Yourself1) Disconnect the Existing Showerhead

You can wrap the shower base with a cloth to make disconnecting easy. Screw the showerhead out. You can use the adjustable wrench to hold and clamp out the shower head from its base. Turn it clockwise to ensure clamping out. Where the shower is loosely fixed, you can use a hand to disconnect it.

2) Clean Shower Arm Threads Thoroughly

An old toothbrush or a rough towel can be used easily to clean the shower arm. This will clear out any foreign materials, old Teflon tape, or rust from the shower arm.

3) Roll the Shower Arm once more using a New Teflon Tape

The tape should be tightly closely in the clockwise direction. You should employ 2-3 times of the tape to ensure that it can last for a longer time. Tightly fixed tape will make it easy to fit the new shower head and support it for a period of time.

4) Fit the New Shower Head

The new shower head is fitted on the shower arm. The Teflon tape will support the shower head. An adjustable wrench together with pliers should be used to make the shower head and to make it tighter.

5) Test the Shower Head

Before you turn on the shower on, you should first go back to the water connection base or the shutoff valve. Then you should proceed and turn on your shower. Check the performance of the shower head to note if it has any leaks or blockage. Blocked or constantly leaking showers should be returned to the dealers for replacement. However, you may consider tightening the leaking showers heads. This might make it function as it should.


Shower heads functionality dictates the experience that you should be exposed to in the bathroom. Do not tolerate a leaking or partly blocked showerhead in the fear of replacing it yourself. Simply remove it and replace it with a new one.

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Key Ways to Operate a Water Softener


Key Ways to Operate a Water SoftenerA water softener is essential in making the water friendly to the user. It softens water through the removal of hardness ions and other impurities. Water softener is health efficient as well as economical efficient. It improves health by reducing risks while using water. It also reduces expenses in buying detergents and making repair of materials which have suffered corrosion and staining.

However, operating water softener requires you to be keen and careful. This will improve its performance and prevent any passage and eventual usage of hard water.

Further, choosing a water softener that fits well in your home requires that you do some research into the available options out there in order for you to find a product that fits your needs. There are some excellent options out there to choose from and several water softener blogs that offer water softener comparison chart for the best products such as Aqua-Pure AP902, Fleck 5600SXT, and WaterBoss 220 that one blog claims is about as top tier as you can get, to name just a few of the available options out there.

The following include some of the ways through which operating water softener is easier;

1) Ensure that You use the Recommended Water Pressure Range

A water softener can be adjusted to use the same range as the water passing through it. This will prevent bursting of the water system. Mostly, the recommended pressure range is between 1.8 to 8.4 atmospheres.

2) Set Regeneration Cycle

Regeneration cycle depends on the amount of water to be softened. This will be based on the number of people who are using the water. Thus, you can set your water softener to run in a period in which every individual will have fully used the water.

Mostly, people consider setting it to run for 3 hours. During this period, water passing the water softener will be purified and deducted of Mg2+ and Ca2+ ions in it. However, if you use hot water, it may not be fully softened. This might introduce hardness ions into your tan.

3) Isolate the Water Softener

The water softener should be in a separate location from the water supply. You can use a bypass valve to ensure this. The valve is operated from the back using knobs. These knobs are turned in a clockwise direction. This will create and on-and-off lock using one another. The reverse turning of the knobs will enhance water softening during the regeneration cycle.

4) Use and Accurate Timer

Key Ways to Operate a Water SoftenerA 24 hour clock timer is better for this purpose. It helps you to relate your water softener with your watch. You can easily establish a water softening cycle. The water softener has a gear which is controlled by its red button. Pressing this button removes the drive gear. The big dial is then regulated to work for a specified time. After this, you can release the button and leave your water softener to work on its own.

5) Set the Automatic Regeneration Frequency

This is done using the “people” dial. It makes it possible for the water softener to work effectively on the required water for all individuals in a household. It is operated by setting the “people” dial using your hand until the setting is accomplished.

6) Regenerate Manually

Insufficient regeneration happens at times. It might cause inadequate water for use. In such a time, you may consider regenerating the water softening process manually. The knob placed in front of the REGEN position control is used to induce regeneration. This enables the water softener to complete its regeneration process. It will also supply sufficient water for use by every member of a household.


As long as you have your water softener manual, you can easily operate your water softener. At the same time, if you are knowledgeable on how to use the water softener, you can easily proceed and operate it. This will make it effective in completely softening the water. Also, make sure that salt and brine contained in brine tank is sufficient for effective water softening.

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