How to Change Shower Head Yourself?


How to Change Shower Head YourselfShower heads are always susceptible to breakages, leakages, and even blockages. This prevents you from using your bathroom. Therefore, it is essential to remain ready and skillful in changing your shower head.

Changing a showerhead might seem a challenging task. However, it is a simple and a DIY task that should not take much your time. First you are going to need to pick a good showerhead that is a good fit for your shower needs. After that, all you need is the required tools and equipment for you to go through the process.The following include some few steps for you to follow as you change your shower head;

Prepare Your Work Space

1) Ensure that the Water Supply is off

You may prefer to turn off the water from the main water connection. Also, check the shutoff valves in the bathroom and make sure they are turned off. You can check the shutoff valve in different places in the bathroom. If it is fitted inside the wall, ensure that you turn off the main connection system or the shower knob.

2) Lay a Matt or a Blanket

The matt or blanket will prevent damaging floors of the bathroom using dropping tools and materials. Also, it will also prevent tools and other materials such as; bolts, nuts, and bits from falling into the shower water drain.

Replace Your Shower Head

How to Change Shower Head Yourself1) Disconnect the Existing Showerhead

You can wrap the shower base with a cloth to make disconnecting easy. Screw the showerhead out. You can use the adjustable wrench to hold and clamp out the shower head from its base. Turn it clockwise to ensure clamping out. Where the shower is loosely fixed, you can use a hand to disconnect it.

2) Clean Shower Arm Threads Thoroughly

An old toothbrush or a rough towel can be used easily to clean the shower arm. This will clear out any foreign materials, old Teflon tape, or rust from the shower arm.

3) Roll the Shower Arm once more using a New Teflon Tape

The tape should be tightly closely in the clockwise direction. You should employ 2-3 times of the tape to ensure that it can last for a longer time. Tightly fixed tape will make it easy to fit the new shower head and support it for a period of time.

4) Fit the New Shower Head

The new shower head is fitted on the shower arm. The Teflon tape will support the shower head. An adjustable wrench together with pliers should be used to make the shower head and to make it tighter.

5) Test the Shower Head

Before you turn on the shower on, you should first go back to the water connection base or the shutoff valve. Then you should proceed and turn on your shower. Check the performance of the shower head to note if it has any leaks or blockage. Blocked or constantly leaking showers should be returned to the dealers for replacement. However, you may consider tightening the leaking showers heads. This might make it function as it should.


Shower heads functionality dictates the experience that you should be exposed to in the bathroom. Do not tolerate a leaking or partly blocked showerhead in the fear of replacing it yourself. Simply remove it and replace it with a new one.