How to Clean Your Memory Foam?


How to Clean Your Memory FoamCleaning memory foam can be a difficult task. This is more so for a person who is using it for the first time. If you are not aware of the properties of the memory foam, this can be more challenging.

However, this task is not as difficult as you might think it is. It is a simple task that you can simply do as long as you know how to go about it. Thus, you only need less information about the properties of the memory foam and how you should handle it. If you are looking for more tips on how to How to look after your memory foam mattress or simply to read memory foam mattress reviews you can visit the Memory Foam Guide and check out their top lists to the best memory foam mattresses.

The following include the materials you need and also some few steps on how you should go about cleaning your memory foam;

Materials Needed

– Tarp
– Electric fan or hair dryer
– Hand/regular vacuum with soft brush fitted on it
– Woolite fabric cleaner
– Spray can or bottle
– Water
– Hose pipe to connect water if you are conducting the process from outdoors
– Detachable showerhead
Distilled white vinegar

Steps Followed in Cleaning Memory Foam

1) Vacuuming the Foam

This is done thoroughly using hand vacuum or the regular size vacuum. The brush attached to the vacuum assists in this process.

2) Put your Mattress/Pillow/Topper in the Bathtub or Near Water Source

This is done during outdoor memory foam cleaning. It is essential as it makes water to remain close for use if need comes.

3) Woolite Mixing

You can use 2 pieces of woolite and mix them in the spray bottle with water. This will produce a detergent for cleaning the foam.

4) Woolite Spraying

How to Clean Your Memory FoamThe woolite should be sprayed on top of the mattress. Ensure that the solution covers all areas successfully. Spraying the solution can take about 30 minutes. The solution should be sprayed to the top and back frequently in the entire spraying session.

5) Use Clean Water to Rinse

Clean water from any source should be used to rinse the mattress. This may be in the bath tub or from a hose pipe connected to the water source.

6) Squeeze Water Out

Excess water should be squeezed out through folding the foam. This will make it easy to press the water out easily. Folding should be gentle to avoid twisting or wringing which can cause damage.

7) Mix and Spray Your Vinegar

Vinegar should be mixed with water in the ration of 1:4. You can use the woolite bottle to mix your vinegar by simply emptying it. After this, spray the solution again on to the foam from all the sides and edges.

8) Rinse the Memory Foam

How to Clean Your Memory FoamRinse using more water than the water used during woolite solution rinsing.

9) Dry the Memory Foam Using Hair Dryer

Hair dryer is the fast and effective means of drying the memory foam. It provides the right amount of heat that is needed for a fast drying process of memory foam. However, be careful not to hold it close to the memory foam as it may easily destroy it. you can also opt for air drying or an electric fan in order to dry the memory foam.

10) Use Your Memory Foam Again

Ensure the memory foam is completely dry before you can use it again in your bed.


Using your memory foam for sometime might make your feel like you need to clean it. Thus, do not sit back and wait for a professional cleaner to come and do it for you for a price. Simply, find necessary materials and follow the simple procedure in cleaning your foam.