How to Solve Your Toddler Sleep Issues?


How to Solve Your Toddler Sleep IssuesToddlers, in 1-3 years, usually have many problems while sleeping. Most of them would sleep for as long as 30 minutes. Others wake up regularly at night screaming around. After this, they would spend over an hour before they can sleep again. This is usually very difficult to deal with especially at night.

Age and stage of development is important for a kid’s sleep. Also, health and physiological issues also affect the sleeping behaviors of the toddlers. This presents a challenge to you in ensuring that your sleeps constantly to the morning. However, do not worry anymore because; there are certain methods that you can apply with your id to enhance good sleep. These include;

1) Delaying Bedtime

You can extend 20-30 minutes before you go to bed. Thus, you child will get more tired and desire to sleep more.

2) Delaying to go t Soothe Them

You should extend about 5 minutes before going to soothe your child to stop crying. In time, your kid will be used to waking up and resuming sleep even in your absence.

3) Using a Lullaby or a Soft Music

This will bring your kid’s mind into concentration. Also, assure them that everything is okay. Eventually, they will resume sleep easily.

4) Show the Kid that Bedtime is a non-ending Routine

This can be done through the Ferberizing method. One lets their kid to cry out until they get sleepy, calm down, and get to sleep. However, this might present a problem to your husband or yourself. If you get committed to do this, you can spend 5 days while training your kid to do it how you want it. Both parents should, however, consider doing this together for 20-30 minutes each time.

5) Determine the Physical and Psychological Problem that Disturbs Your Kid’s Sleep

How to Solve Your Toddler Sleep IssuesSome kids have major problems dealing with nightmares and dreams. Others may have strange problems such as; snoring, heart-bun, allergies, or even acid reflux. To deal with this, you can have your toddler watch, paint, or draw scary but nice pictures. This will improve the quality of thinking and the type of their dreams too. You can also ask them what they figure in their nightmares and find a solution for it. For instance, you can let them feel that they are capable of flying in case they are falling from a cliff.

For snoring, you can clear out the mucus from your kid and change his/her sleeping positions regularly. Others such as heart-burn and allergies can be solved easily.

6) Solving the Night Terror Effects

Many toddlers usually wake up to cry loudly after being frightened by some occurrences during sleep. These include loud noises from air crafts, sudden noises in the house, snoring, sleepwalking, and others. These might affect a child’s sleeping behavior and make them fear going to bed. You should correct snoring as soon as you find that your child is affected by it. Also, make them familiar to certain noises and occurrences. Minimize noise in your house at night.

7) Ensure Safety

The crib or bed should be free from falls or causing injuries. Injuries and falls may disrupt the child’s mind. This will, in turn, become a habit which will prevent effective sleeping. You can ensure safety by having a large and an enclosed crib or bed. You can also correct the appearance of your bed to make it stable and safe.


Sleeping is essential for proper growth and development. It enhances rest for your kid making the kid ready to face the next day. Help the children sleep today and prevent them from facing more challenges again.