Usage of Massage Chair at Home: Pros and Cons


Usage of Massage Chair at HomeThe emergence of massage chairs made it possible to have a massage at home and not just at the spa. In the present times, people do not necessarily attend spas for massage. Most of them have already bought their massage chairs and installed them at home.

However, such users need to know that using a massage chair at home is associated with different issues. There are many pros as well as cons involved with using massage chairs at home. These pros and cons are related with your health, economic well-being, and also social life.

What are the Pros of Using a Massage Chair at Home?

There is a wide range of pros associated with using a massage chair at home. These include;

1) You can have a Massage Anytime

With a massage chair at home, you do not have to schedule the time when you want to have a massage. You only need to be home in order to have massage any time you want. Thus, sacrificing your time to attend the spa will not be an option again. After a long and tiring day, you will only head to your home and correct your body from there.

2) Massage Chairs are Enhanced with Different Types of Massage

Massage chairs have auto-programs which enhances you to control and choose the type of massage that you want. You can choose between Shiatsu and Swedish massage. Different types of massage can be programmed with different motions, kneading, rolling, contracting, and also pressing your muscles, joints, and your back. Apart from the luxury of having a massage chair it can really reduce stress and give other health benefits. When choosing a massage chair it is important to thing about how you are going to use it as well as in what setting such as work or at home.

3) Cost-effective in the Long Run

The cost of the massage chair in the first place is higher than attending a spa. However, you will be able to save your money from unnecessary expenses such as travelling at the spa, as well as saving time.

4) Important for Your Health

A massage chair will give you the best of blood circulation, relieved tension and stress, back and muscles pain reduction, reduces pressure in the nerves, and also improves endorphin hormone secretion. This is important for health.

What are the Cons of Using a Massage Chair at Home?

Usage of Massage Chair at HomeAt the same time, using a massage chair at home is also associated with a few cons. They include;

1) Initial Cost is Expensive

The initial cost of a massage chair might outdo the cost of attending a spa for over 3 months. This may need you to sacrifice a lot of money to be dedicated on this single purpose.

2) Massage Chair Requires Your Control

Many people prefer having a massage in which all their body parts are inactive. Others even sleep during massage. This is better possible when you are with a massage specialist. However, with a massage chair, you need to keep on controlling and regulating the massage programs. This may make you feel uncomfortable.

3) May not Reach the Entire Body

A massage chair may fail to reach some parts of your body such as the head, toes, and also the upper body parts. Most of the massage chairs are designed for the back’s and muscles’ massages.

4) Increase in Your Energy Bill

A massage chair increases your energy bill significantly. Added to its initial cost, this might be too expensive for you.

5) Space

A massage chair requires large space in your house for you to install and use.


Regardless of its cons, a massage chair is very important for your health. It brings back joy and relaxation. At the same time, it withdraws the tensions about being sick. However, you can evaluate between the pros and the cons in order to determine whether to have or not to have a massage chair at your home.